Email: The Perennial Underdog Of The Digital Era

Some think that email is dying, others consider it an absolute necessity and some are convinced that the landscape of email as we know it will change dramatically by becoming that much more relevant.

If you follow Revue and if you’re a part of our community, you must know our story. If you don’t, you might be interested to find out how we went from side project to millions of emails.

At the end of the day our world revolves around email. We’ve written about how relevant it is nowadays and we’ve expressed our vision to reinvent the newsletter. Email simply makes our day brighter 😉

We often have discussions in the office about the things we read. This is how some of our best inspirations are born. So one thing led to another and while we were having one of our heated discussions over lunch, we decided it will be a great idea to make a compilation of our favourite email pieces. Sharing it with you, our readers, was the cherry on top.

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