When you pull up your inbox, the first thing you likely notice is a sea of subject lines compelling you to ignore, delete, or open each email.

So what is it about those lucky few that makes them pass the test and convinces you to hit “open”? Sender name plays a part, of course – you’re much more likely to open an email from a person or brand you actually recognize – but the subject line also has a huge impact. After all, it’s one of your very first impressions of the email, and from it, you do your best to judge the content on the inside.

These brands are all experts when it comes to drafting up eye-catching, click-worthy subject lines. Use their examples for inspiration, and you’ll get your own PhD in Subject Lineology in no time!

Note: We understand that subject lines like these won’t work for some brands, particularly in the B2B space. You know your audience best, so use those insights to craft your own attention-grabbing subject lines!

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